About BPM

About Our Company

BPM is a nationwide supercharging network provider.
BPM makes it easy to buy and install a wide range of pre-screened EV Charging equipment.

BPM mainly works on providing a structure for EV charging infrastructure rollout in the city insides and suburban regions nationwide. We are working on creating the largest smart charge grid setup in India, we also support and design the technology for installation of the system to ensure minimum resource utilization and ensures maximum value added benefits for all parties. The 100 PGM is a unicorn program crafted by BPM for evaluating long term business opportunities created by EVs when they are introduced in India. As our network grows, it makes EV driving accessible to more and more people. We make the actual rollout easier and faster by conducting a pilot study for deployment. We have established clear steps to achieve our objective of planning on setting up 1 million chargers across the country and along with generating and developing according to latest technological trends.

We are EVSE experts and are here to answer your questions and help you
get the best electric vehicle charger and service at a fair price.

BPM is planning on setting up 1 million chargers across the country


BPM is committed to a first-class customer experience that makes EV charging convenient and easy! We own, operate and maintain our fast charging stations.Our driver-friendly technology lets you start charges and find BPM stations from your phone.