100 PGM

The 100 PGM is a unicorn program crafted by BPM for evaluating long term business opportunities created by EVs when they are introduced in India for your institution, BPM and the environment.

What Comes Under the 100 PGM

BPM plans on executing the following milestones in a time-bound manner to benefit your institution, BPM, and the environment.

  • The 100 PGM is a 100 month program that includes extensive machine learning works, human resource utilization for data analysis, development and installation of EVSE (Electric Vehicle Support Equipment)
  • The 100 PGM provides a platform for earning steady revenue with zero cost
  • The 100 PGM would utilise and find sites for setting up EVSEs in and around your institution and study customer behaviour, customer retention time, and incase in sales due to customer retention
  • Environment impact that your institution make by supporting EVs and EVSEs
  • Setting up and installation of EVSEs
  • Long term maintenance of EVSEs