Nationwide Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

EV cars are coming faster than you think. It seems like electric vehicles (EVs) are everywhere you go, whether you’re commuting to work, driving around town, or pulling onto the freeway. Electric vehicles are becoming more and more common these days. A growing number of people want to know where to find electric charging stations near them. There are also a lot more options available for both commercial and residential chargers. BPM makes it easy to install maintain an electric vehicle charging station at your home or business.

The Best Electric Vehicle Charging Stations For Your Needs

We work in tandem with industry leaders such as Bosch, ClipperCreek, Efacec, eMotorWerks and EV Connect to provide you end-to-end solutions that include:

  • Product selection
  • Installation
  • Network management software
  • Application for grants and rebates
  • Completing RFPs
  • Consultations

DC Fast Charging

DC fast charging empowers you to charge your battery electric vehicle (BEV) quickly, conveniently, and on-the-go. Why Charge in hours when you can charge to near full capacity in under 30 minutes? Have more questions? Curious on which vehicles work with DC fast charging?

Level 1 Charging

Up to 2 miles, 30 minutes

Level 2 Charging

Up to 10 miles, 30 minutes

DC Fast Charging

Up to 75 miles, 30 minutes

Battery Powered Mobility

EV charger allocation plans for EV riders,property owners and all of those who wishes to contribute to the well being of planet earth


chargeMOD drivers app comes with best in class UI interface

Planning on setting up 1
million chargers across the

Our mission is to get every driver behind the wheel of an EV and then to provide charging stations everywhere those drivers might want to go.

EVs Are Good For Everybody, Including You

The EV driving model, which relies on a network of charging stations, is good for everybody. For EV drivers, it offers a better driving experience that is more affordable and easier on the planet than traditional driving. For businesses like yours, it can not only be a self-sustaining investment, but also one that adds business value and enhances your brand.


  • Reduce carbon emissions from driving by 50%
  • Cut down around 10 metric tons of CO2 emissions per station per year
  • Increase EV adoption thereby accelerating the environmental impact.
  • We plant a tree for every charger you install


  • Save thousands of rupees in fuel savings
  • Reduce commute time and maximize time at work and with family
  • Enjoy a better driving experience and achieve personal sustainability goals
  • Worry free driving and charging with the proposed 1M+ super chargers throughout India


  • Attract and retain employees, tenants,and customers
  • Boost brand image
  • Comply with emerging regulations
  • Become eligible for green building and other certifications